99.95% Purity Black / Machined / Ground Pure Molybdenum Bar
May 23, 2017

Molybdenum bar Surface Finish

Black - Surface is "as swaged" or "as drawn"; Retaining a coating of processing lubricants and oxides.

Cleaned - Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides.

Ground - Surface is centerless ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

Ground molybdenum bar is delivered with gray metallic luster. Mainly used for electrode of electric boosted glass melting furnace,bracket,the heating body etc. It can serve a long life in glass solution at 1300 celsius degrees. Also used in the fields of rare earth industry. Ground molybdenum rod surface has no oxidized phenomenon notably. 

Molybdenum Bar and Polished 99.95% Mo Rod for Industry

Molybdenum bar/rod:Grid, Anodes, and parts of vacuum tubes.

Hot working mould, melting glassfiber electrodes and the support for sintering special ceramic products.


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1. Grade: MO1.MO2,TZM

2. Purity :> =99.95%

3. Characteristic:

Melting Point: 2610°C

Boiling Point: 4800°C

Density: 10.2g/m3

High quality, workability