Element use ofTantalum
May 16, 2017

Tantalum in the acidic electrolyte to form a stable anodic oxide film, made of tantalum electrolytic capacitors, with large capacity, small size and good reliability, the system is the most important use of tantalum, the end of the 1970s the amount of tantalum The total amount of more than 2/3. Tantalum is also the production of electronic emission tube, high power tube parts of the material. Tantalum-based anti-corrosion equipment for the production of strong acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industry. The metal tantalum can be used as the structural material of the combustion chamber of the aircraft engine. Tantalum tungsten, tantalum tungsten hafnium, tantalum hafnium alloy for rocket, missile and jet engine heat-resistant high-strength materials and control and adjustment equipment parts. Tantalum easy to shape, in high temperature vacuum furnace for supporting accessories, heat shielding, heaters and heat sinks and so on. Tantalum can be used for orthopedic and surgical materials, such as the use of tantalum instead of the body of bone muscles will also grow on the tantalum bar, so it has a "biological metal." Tantalum carbide used in the manufacture of cemented carbide. Tantalum borides, silicides and nitrides and their alloys are used as heat release elements and liquid metal cladding materials in the atomic energy industry. Tantalum for the manufacture of advanced optical glass and catalyst. In 1981, the proportion of tantalum in the United States was about 73% of the electronic components, 19% for the machinery industry, 6% for transportation and 2% for the other.