Nickel wire shielded net
Aug 02, 2017

First, the nickel network: the production process is divided into nickel wire mesh, nickel plate stretching network, nickel plate punching network.

Second, nickel mesh products: nickel wire mesh, nickel braid, nickel wire mesh, nickel plate stretching net, nickel plate net, nickel plate net, nickel foil net, nickel foil pull net, nickel plate cableway, nickel Foil stretch net, nickel plate punching net.

1, nickel wire braid: made of nickel wire weaving, the general use of plain weaving process, the mesh for the square.

Target range: 0.2 mesh -200 mesh. Applicable to filtration, chemical, electronics and other industries.

2, nickel plate (foil) stretching network: from nickel or nickel foil stamping stretch, mesh diamond, mesh specifications are: 0.3X0.5mm, 0.5X1mm, 0.6X1.2mm, 0.8X1.6mm 1x2mm, 1.25X2.5mm, 1.5X2mm, 1.5X3mm, 2X2.5mm, 2X3mm, 2X4mm, 3X6mm, 4X8mm, 5X10mm, net thickness range: 0.04mm - 5mm.

3, nickel plate (foil) punching network: the mechanical punching in the nickel plate (foil) surface stamping into holes, mesh shape round, semi-circular, oblong, crescent-shaped, triangular, square, rectangular, six Angle, shape, trapezoid and so on.

Thickness range: 0.04 mm - 5 mm.

Third, use: nickel mesh for electronics, shielding, chemical, filtration, conductive and other industries. Purity: 99.5%, 99.85%.

Fourth, the nickel net processing: more than three kinds of nickel network Anping Si Mai can be done according to customer requirements, punching, welding and other deep processing, the minimum cutting width of 4 mm