The use of tantalum wire
Jun 06, 2017

Capacitor grade tantalum wire is mainly used for the production of tantalum electrolytic capacitor anode lead. Beijing Oriental tantalum and niobium in the current production of capacitor grade tantalum wire according to different states, different specifications can be divided into more than 30 varieties. Tantalum wire is the key material for the production of tantalum capacitors, tantalum capacitors is the best capacitors, around 65% of the world's tantalum used in the field. Used to compensate for muscle tissue, and can be used to suture nerves and tendons. Beijing Oriental color tantalum and niobium can provide different states, different specifications of tantalum wire. The smallest diameter tantalum wire is Φ0.1mm. Tantalum wire can also be made of vacuum high temperature furnace heating parts.

Tantalum wire in the electronics industry on the largest amount, mainly for tantalum electrolytic capacitors anode lead. High-oxygen-resistant tantalum wire can also be used to make tantalum foil capacitors, which can be in the potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid enriched solution, in the high 772 temperature (100 ℃) and high flash voltage (350V) conditions. In addition, tantalum wire can also be used as a vacuum electron cathode emission source, ion sputtering and spraying materials.