Hastelloy Precision 4J29 4J36 Monel GH32 Incoloy Inconel Nickel Base Alloy Part Products

Hastelloy Precision 4J29 4J36 Monel GH32 Incoloy Inconel Nickel Base Alloy Part Products

Hastelloy Precision 4J29 4J36 Monel GH32 Incoloy Inconel nickel base alloy part products

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Hastelloy Precision 4J29 4J36 Monel GH32 Incoloy Inconel Nickel Base Alloy Part Products


Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China nickel base alloy products manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale nickel base alloy products products from us.

Nickel base alloy products




Hastelloy B & Hastelloy B-2

—Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, energy and pollution control in the field, particularly in industries 

  such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid 

Hastelloy C

—The nuclear power industry                     —Chemical industry, petroleum industry                 

—Container exchanger, plate cooler                 —High-temperature structural parts                              

—Acetic acid and acidic products of reactor 

Hastelloy C-4

— Wet chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, chlorine plant                                   

Hastelloy C-22

—Components used in contact with organic compounds containing chlorides and catalytic systems         

—Widely used in chemical and petrochemical field 

—Flue gas cleaning systems                     —HF melting pot cleaner   

—Burning cleaner system                       —Acid washing system 

—Plate-type heat exchanger                     —Selective filtering system  

—Sulfur dioxide for cooling tower       

—Sulphonation system-tube type heat exchanger  

—Suitable for high temperature, mixed with impurities of organic acids and inorganic acids (formic acid and acetic 

    acid), seawater corrosion environments 

Hastelloy C-276

—Components used in contact with organic compounds containing chlorides and catalytic systems 

—Applied to high temperature, inorganic acids and organic acids mixed with impurities 

   (such as formic acid and acetic 

  acid), seawater corrosion environments 

—The pulp and paper industry, such as cooking solutions and bleach containers 
—FGD scrubber systems ,Heater ,Moisture fan,etc   
—Equipment and components in sour gas environment 
—Acetic acid and acidic products of reactor          

—Sulfuric acid condenser 
—(MDI)Methylene diphenyl isocyanate (MDI) 

—Not pure phosphoric acid production and processing 



☆PRECISION ALLOY——Elastic alloy


3J53,3J1 belong to the constant elastic alloy,High elasticity and strength after aging.Low temperature coefficient of the elastic modulus and corrosion-resistant in the -60-100℃

Diaphragm in the manufacture of instrument industry, elastic elements such as diaphragm, bellows, springs,

and more for the elastic sensing element 



☆PRECISION ALLOY——Soft magnetic alloy


Anticorrosion soft magnetic alloy——1J361J46

—Electronic valves in the medium, temperature and pressure conditions of various control systems  

—Transformers, relays, electromagnetic clutch cores working in secondary magnetic field              

High permeability soft magnetic alloy——1J791J85

—For the production of magnetic head shell, chips, isolation 

—Transformers, transformer, magnetic amplifier, choke coil cores working in weak magnetic fields and 

  magnetic shielding  

Temperature compensation soft magnetic alloy——1J301J311J321J331J38

—Magnetic shunt compensation element in the electromagnetic circuit and permanent magnetic circuit 





Physical properties:




Melting point

Tensile strength

Rm N/mm2

Yield strength

RP0.2 N/mm2


A5 %

Monel 400

8.83 g/cm3





Monel K500

8.05 g/cm3







Range of use:


1.Seamless waterline and steam pipe used in power plant 
2.Water exchanger and evaporator
3.Phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid environment   

4.Crude distillation
5.Pump spindle and propeller for the equipments used in the seawater
6.Equipments used for uranium refining and  Isotope separation in nuke industry
7.Pumps and valves for equipments used in production of hydrochloric acid




      Monel is the most widely used corrosion resistant alloy, with excellent comprehensive performance.

This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in hydrofluoric acid, fluorine andHot strong alkali medium.



☆GH Alloy


GH 32

—Applicable to the manufacture of Aero-Engine combustor components and other high-temperature parts

  Long-term use is below 900°C, short-term operating temperature up to 1080°C                              

GH 2132

— Turbine disk, ring, stamping and welding parts, fasteners and other materials below 700°C 
— Used in the manufacture of aero-engines and industrial gas turbines components such as turbine blades   — For Afterburner, automobile engine

GH 3030

—For turbine engine combustor parts at 800 ℃                        

—Requires an antioxidant but small loads of other hot parts below 1100 ℃

GH 3128

—Aero-Engine combustor liner, Afterburner housing, regulation        

—Structural parts used in gas turbine combustor

—Turbine engine combustion chamber components     —Afterburner parts

GH 4145

—Manufacture of working under high temperature spring, bolt on gas turbine rotor blade,

   impeller and other structural components                             

—Rocket engine thrust Chamber   

—In-flight reverse thrust device

—Large pressure vessel               

—Elastic sealing sheet and sealing mould

GH 4169

—Steam turbine         —Liquid-fuel rocket         —Cryogenic engineering                                              

—The acidic environment                                   —Nuclear engineering

GH 4180

—Exhaust valves for diesel engines for ships, tanks

—Bolt manufacturing           —Chamber exhaust valve





Incoloy 800

—Heat exchanger and piping system       

—Ammonia nitrogen waste water cooler                             

—Vaporizing device and reaction still,melting furnace spare and accessory parts  

—Electric range heating element sheath                            

—Extruded tubing ethylene and Steam methane reforming furnace 

Incoloy 800H & Incoloy 800HT

—Nitric acid condenser——Good corrosion resistantance to Nitric acid                            

—Steam heating tube——excellent mechanical property                                          

—Heating elements——excellent mechanical property                

Supply status of alloy is annealing,when used in above 500℃ environment

Incoloy 825

—Food engineering    

—Heating tube, vessels, basket, chain         

—Chemical process     

—Air heat exchanger for petroleum refining                      

—Heat exchanger, evapoator, washing and dip pipe used for manufacturing phosphoric acid                          

—Burn resistant alloys used for high-pressure oxygen  

—Seawater cooling heat exchanger, marine products pipeline system, acidic gas environment pipeline.

Widely used in various industry fields which temperature is below 550℃.

Incoloy 901

—Static structure             

—Turbine outer ring and fasteners etc  

—Manufacturing Disk shaped pieces( turbine disc, compressor disk, and journal etc.)

  of aviation and ground gas turbine engine, which used below 650℃

Incoloy 925

—Used for manufacturing parts for oil and gas drilling equipment

Incoloy 926

—Bleaching pool for alpha pulp production

—Polished rod for corrosive oil wells

—Hose system for oceanographic engineering                            

—Used as pipeline, connector, airflow system etc in the production of acid gas 
—Parts for flue gas desulfurization system                                 

—Phosphoric acid condensation separating system                              

—Evaporator for concentrated and crystallographic salt

—Condensation and pipeline system of power plant which use sewage cooling water           

—Container for corrosive chemicals transportation

—Organic derivatives production process, in which Acidic chloride catalyst             

—Reverse osmosis desalination plants

—Fire extinguishing system, seawater purification system, hydraulic pressure and filling pipeline system of

  oceanographic engineering

—Evaporator,heat exchanger,filter,commingler etc for phosphoric acid production





Inconel 600

—Thermowell used in erosion atmosphere

—Polyethylene monomer production:resisting to chlorine,hydrogen chloride ,

    oxidation and carbonization corrosion 
—Uranium is oxidized to be hexafluoride: resistant to hydrogen fluoride

—Used in the corrosive alkali metals production and using field, 

    especially the environment which sulfide is used in 
—Manufacturing titanium dioxide by chlorine
—Production of Organic or inorganic chloride and  fluoride: 

    resistant to chlorine and fluorine corrosion
—Nuclear reactor
—Retort and parts in thermal treatment furnace, especially in carbonized and nitrided atmosphere 
—Petrochemical production  catalytic regenerator, which used in above 700℃ environment,

    recommended to use alloy 600 to gain longer service life

Inconel 601

— Trays, basket, and clamping apparatus used in heat-treatment plant
—Steel wire strands of annealing and radiant tube, high velocity gas burner, 

    Wire mesh belt in industrial furnace
—Isolation tank in reforming of ammonia, and Catalytic support grid in the production of nitric acid 
—Parts for exhaust system
—Combustor of solid waste Incinerator
—Pipe support and ash handling parts

Inconel 625

—Parts used in organic chemical process technology,containing chlorine, 

   especially in the environment,which acid chloride catalyst is used

—Digester and bleached stlck chest ,which used in manufacturing pulp and paper

—Absorption tower, reheater, the flue gas inlet baffle, ventilator(humid), stirrer, deflector and gas flue etc,

    used in the flue gas desulfurization system/(FGD systems).
—Used for manufacturing equipments and parts, which used in Acidic gas environment
—Acetic acid and acetic anhydride response generator

—Sulfuric acid condenser



Established in 1994, Refractory Metal Developer is one of the largest professional manufacturers and suppliers of hastelloy precision 4j29 4j36 monel gh32 incoloy inconel nickel base alloy part products. Leveraging on advanced technology and equipment, our company has successfully exported our products to various buyers from different regions. Now, we warmly welcome you to buy our factory supply refractory metals.

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