3D printed titanium mandible was successfully transplanted

2024-01-05 18:05:21

3D printed titanium mandible was successfully transplanted

Jul 16, 2019

On April 22, a 74-year-old patient from hubei province was successfully implanted with a 3d-printed titanium alloy mandible and recovered well. It also marks the first successful 3d-printed titanium alloy mandible transplantation in central China.


In 2017, the patient was diagnosed with cell carcinoma of the right lower gingiva at wuhan university stomatology hospital and underwent partial resection of the right mandible. After surgery, the right side of the patient's face collapsed, long-term missing teeth, unable to chew properly. Jia junjiao, deputy director of the department of oral, maxillofacial, head and neck tumor surgery of the hospital, introduced the state key research and development project "3D printing titanium alloy technology" that his team participated in, which can repair the right mandible.


Titanium alloy material has good biocompatibility and can be retained in the body for a long time without rejection.

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