Application Of Refractory Metal W And Mo Tubes

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Application Of Refractory Metal W And Mo Tubes

Jan 07, 2020

Refractory metal W and Mo pipes have been widely used in aerospace, magnetron sputtering targets, high temperature furnace parts and other fields due to their excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties. In particular, large-sized, high-purity Mo and Mo alloy tubular sputtering targets used in flat display and solar photovoltaic industries are the most important high-end application development directions for refractory metals W and Mo materials.

Refractory metal

Large-sized W and Mo pipes are mainly produced by extrusion and forging. Compared to forged pipes, pipes produced by extrusion can obtain higher density and finer, uniform grain structure, which can better meet the flat display industry. Requirements for sputter coating; W and Mo alloy pipes that are difficult to produce by hot working are mostly produced by hot isostatic pressing; plasma spraying technology has certain advantages in the preparation of super-large-sized W-tube heating elements and variable-section shaped tubes However, small-sized thin-walled W and Mo pipes are more suitable for preparation by spinning and chemical vapor deposition.

In recent years, China has carried out a lot of research work on the preparation of refractory metal W and Mo pipes by spinning, plasma spraying, and chemical vapor deposition. A series of refractory metal W and Mo pipes have been developed to meet the requirements of aerospace and national defense. Application requirements in the fields of military industry and high-temperature furnaces, but less research on the preparation of large-sized W, Mo and their alloy tube targets, has led to the long-term dependence of such products on imports. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen relevant basic research work and equipment investment, and overcome key technical barriers in the preparation of large-sized W and Mo pipe targets, so that China's high-end W and Mo pipe manufacturing and application areas occupy a certain right of speech.