Effect Of Electrolytic Process On High Quality Molybdenum Wire

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Effect Of Electrolytic Process On High Quality Molybdenum Wire

Jan 09, 2020

Since the high quality molybdenum wire is white molybdenum wire, the surface needs to be removed graphite emulsion, generally through continuous electropolishing. The electrolyzer is a continuous multi-section slit type with alternating positive and negative electrode plates. The electrolyte is NaOH aqueous solution with a concentration of about 10%. Molybdenum wire through the electrolytic cell with the electrolyte, the surface potential changes, and induction of the positive and negative electric charge, the positive release oxygen, oxidation reaction in the metal molybdenum, the molybdenum oxide generated can be dissolved in alkaline solution (MoO3), molybdenum wire surface corrosion, negative release hydrogen, precipitation of hydrogen molybdenum oxide to loose molybdenum wire surface formation, make it easy to fall off from the surface of the molybdenum wire, so as to achieve the polishing effect; Then wash, wash away the excessive alkali and impurities adsorbed on the surface of the molybdenum wire, and finally dry through the dryer to complete the electrochemical polishing process.

high quality molybdenum wire

The main process parameters of the electrolysis process: the reduction of the diameter of molybdenum wire (that is, the diameter reduction difference between the black wire before electrolysis and the white wire after electrolysis), electrolysis voltage, electrolysis current, winding speed, solution concentration, etc. The reducing amount of molybdenum wire is directly proportional to the electrolytic voltage and current, and inversely proportional to the winding speed. The electrolytic process has great influence on the diameter tolerance and surface quality of molybdenum wire.