EOS Introduces Four New Metal 3D Printing Powder Materials And Process Parame...

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EOS Introduces Four New Metal 3D Printing Powder Materials And Process Parameters For Mass Manufacturing

Jul 04, 2019

EOS, the global technology leader in 3D printing of metal and polymer materials industry, has launched four new metal materials -- EOS stainless steel CX, EOS aluminum alloy AlF357, EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 5 and EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 23. They are tailor-made materials for a wide range of applications, from cars to healthcare.


EOS provides detailed data on the properties of four metal materials to help companies gain insight into material quality, such as scanning electron microscope (SEM) images based on the mechanical properties of a certain number of test samples and details. As a result, EOS provides companies with transparent documentation of material performance data, making it easier for them to compare DMLS 3D printing with traditional manufacturing techniques and other 3D printing technologies. These data and openness are needed for additive manufacturing applications in mass production.

For mass production

EOS has more than 25 years of experience in metal processing and currently offers 20 different metal materials, with more in development. Thanks to the EOS Oy material factory in Finland, EOS has complete site conditions and focuses on the development, certification and quality assurance of metal materials and parametric processes.


Picture: EOS stainless steel CX, source: EOS

Introduction to new metal materials:

EOS stainless steel CX is a new type of die steel used in EOS M 290 production. The material has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and high hardness. Components made from this material are easy to process and achieve excellent surface finishes.

EOS aluminum alloy AlF357 is ideal for light metal applications requiring excellent mechanical properties and thermal strength. Components made of this material are characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance and high dynamic loads. EOS aluminum AlF357 was developed specifically for EOS M 400 production and is scheduled to be available for EOS M 290 in the near future.

EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 5 was developed for high fatigue strength operations without hot isostatic pressure (HIP). The material is suitable for EOS M 290 manufacturing and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is ideal for aerospace and automotive applications.

EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 23 was also developed for high fatigue strength operations without hot isostatic pressure (HIP) and is also used in the production of EOS M 290. Compared with Ti64, Ti64 grade 23 offers better ductility and fracture toughness, but slightly lower strength. Because of these properties, the material is particularly suitable for medical applications.


Titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 5, source: EOS

Reliable component characteristics are the basis of mass additive manufacturing

EOS classifies the technical maturity of all its polymer materials, metals and parametric processes by TRL. TRL concept was originally put forward by NASA, which has been widely used in many industries. For example, level 5 refers to the validation of technical solutions, while the highest level 9 refers to a complete production capacity with a large number of statistical data documents. By validating the parameters of the parts' characteristics, EOS facilitates and accelerates the transition of additive manufacturing to mass production.

In addition, in order to facilitate positioning, EOS divides its materials and parametric processes into two categories: TRL 3 -- 6 refers to CORE products, while TRL 7 -- 9 refers to PREMIUM products, and solves the problem of mass application. One of the purposes of this classification is to provide new materials with clear value in the market.

New materials fall into the following categories:

• EOS stainless steel CX: advanced, TRL 8

• EOS aluminum AlF357: advanced, TRL 7

• EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 5: advanced, TRL 7

• EOS titanium alloy Ti64 Grade 23: advanced, TRL 7