High Quality Containing Oxide Additive Tungsten Products——Tungsten Electrodes...

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High Quality Containing Oxide Additive Tungsten Products——Tungsten Electrodes For TIG Welding

Oct 25, 2016

Containing Oxide Additive tungsten products are the substitute for traditional development direction of radioactive thorium tungsten electrodes.Coutaining Oxide Additive metals has excellent thermal electron emission capability.Tungsten materials has long been used as a thermal electron emission.because it has high melting point,Excellent electron emission capability,High elastic modulus and low measurable vapor.But the emission efficiency of pure tungsten is very low,and easily at high temperatures makes the tungsten wire sagging and breaking.All technicians are dedicated to the research and development of novel electrode materials,To overcome these deficiencies, adapted to modern industrial technologies, development of new technology.Based on tungsten, joined a number of other metal oxides.So that it can not only improve the recrystallization temperature, but also activate the electron emission.


1.Tungsten electrodes for TIG welding.By powder metallurgy methods on tungsten matrix in rare earth elements with 0.3%-5%,such as Cerium, thorium, lanthanum, zirconium, etc.Production of tungsten alloy blank. Eventually become tungsten electrodes.


2.Common specifications of tungsten electrodes.


Standard diameter:1.0mm,1.6mm,2.4mm,3.2mm.


Standard Length:150mm,175mm,200mm.


3.For TIG Welding,tungsten head shape is very important.

①Tip head.Commonly used in DCSP.Tip head size choice decided by the welding current, electrode diameter and range of applications.

②Acicular head.Welding of very thin materials in low current.As the smallest tungsten head,it can produce stable arc, ensure easy arc starting and have good arc stability.

③Cylindrical head.Welding using AC power supply.Because using the appropriate welding current, the ends will form a half spherical.


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