How To Install Molybdenum Wire For Wire Cutting?

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How To Install Molybdenum Wire For Wire Cutting?

Nov 12, 2020

If the molybdenum wire is installed too loosely, the molybdenum wire will vibrate severely, which will not only cause wire breakage, but also directly affect the surface roughness of the workpiece due to the vibration of the molybdenum wire. However, the molybdenum wire should not be installed too tightly. Too tight the internal stress will increase and the wire will be broken. Therefore, the molybdenum wire must be properly tight during the cutting process. The newly installed molybdenum wire must be tightened before processing. Don't use too much force when tightening the wire. After a period of processing, the molybdenum wire becomes loose due to its own stretching. When the elongation is large, the vibration of the molybdenum wire will be aggravated or the molybdenum wire will overlap on the wire storage tube. Make the wire unstable and cause wire breakage. The tightness of the molybdenum wire should be checked frequently. If there is slack, it should be tightened in time.

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Wire cutting molybdenum wire installation. The molybdenum wire should be wound on the wire storage tube according to the prescribed direction, and both ends should be fixed at the same time. When winding the wire, generally leave 10mm at both ends of the wire storage tube, the middle winding is full without overlapping, and the width is not less than half of the length of the wire storage tube, so as to avoid frequent motor reversing and accelerating damage to the machine parts, and to prevent molybdenum wire from frequently participating in cutting And broken wire.

On the wire cutting machine tool, there is a wire rod where the molybdenum wire is drawn out. The wire rod is a guide column made of two rubies. The wire rod does not roll like a guide wheel. They directly contact the molybdenum wire for sliding friction. Therefore, the wear is very fast, and a deep groove will be formed where the cylinder contacts the molybdenum wire soon after use. It must be inspected and turned over and replaced in time, otherwise there will be overlapping wires and broken wires.