Is The Tungsten And Molybdenum Market Not Optimistic?

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Is The Tungsten And Molybdenum Market Not Optimistic?

Jun 19, 2019

Today's Tungsten market 

    The domestic tungsten price weakness is difficult to change, and the sluggish sentiment from the demand side still has a significant impact on the market. The single-level decline of the listed tungsten company reflects the market confidence and the demand for orders is under pressure, and the holders have stabilized the market. The resistance is large, coupled with the long-term situation of the external traders' stalemate and the divergence of the upstream and downstream trades in the industry chain. The market decline under the pressure of some enterprises is obvious. The actual participation in the spot market and the trading atmosphere are still faint. Continue to pay attention to the second half of the month. The director is single level.

Today's molybdenum market

    The domestic molybdenum price has been running smoothly. Recently, the sales of molybdenum concentrate and the news of molybdenum-iron steel have been loosened, which has a certain impact on market participation. The tightness of the raw ore market and the cost of environmental protection still provide support for the market quotation. There is a certain divergence between the market expectations and the psychological price of the products. The factory's willingness to start production and the trading sentiment of the merchants remain cautious. The spot transaction volume is limited, and it is just around the need.