Is The Tungsten Market In Crisis?

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Is The Tungsten Market In Crisis?

Jun 03, 2019

Today's tungsten market

    The domestic tungsten price has always been consolidating, the supply of raw material tungsten ore has remained stable, and the mine production capacity has actually decreased under the joint production of the top ten major enterprises. However, with the shortage of end-user orders, the downstream factories have carefully pressed to buy replenishment, and In the bidding transaction under the pressure of some enterprises, under the unclear international trade friction, the demand for tungsten market is still weak, and the on-site transaction is difficult to increase.In February, the price of downstream products was overwhelmed, and the raw material market continued to fall, and it was close to the cost line. The operating rate under the factory upside down pressure gradually decreased. The market bottomed out and stabilized, but the lack of actual trading was good, and the market supply and demand still negotiated with the game.

Today's molybdenum market

    At the beginning of the week, the domestic molybdenum price was mainly stable. The news of the market was relatively quiet. The mainstream mining enterprises' molybdenum concentrates traded at a high level, and the raw material end spot resources remained tight. The downstream stainless steel market turbulence made the ferromolybdenum manufacturers cautious, and the steel mills tendered. The ferromolybdenum was temporarily closed, and the market divergence was mainly stabilized; the molybdenum chemical and alloy finished products were waiting for a strong atmosphere, the raw material supply surface, the cost side, and the demand side and capital side of the international trade turmoil. Merchants are generally cautious and steady.