New Direction Of Tantalum Material Application-tantalum Coating

2024-01-05 18:05:21

New Direction Of Tantalum Material Application-tantalum Coating

Sep 11, 2020

Tantalum metal has excellent corrosion resistance. It is coated on the surface of some medical metal materials to prevent the release of toxic elements and improve the biocompatibility of the metal material. At the same time, the tantalum coating also improves the visibility of the material in the human body. 

Tantalum coating can improve the osseointegration performance of titanium metal, enhance cell adhesion, and promote cell growth. The higher surface energy and better wettability of the tantalum coating improves the interaction between the cells and the implant material.

In addition to metal materials, tantalum can also be coated on the surface of some non-metallic materials. For example, the surface of carbon cages is coated with tantalum for spinal fusion. Tantalum coating improves the strength and toughness of the carbon cage to suit the bearing capacity of the spine and better Meet the requirements of the surgical process.

With the continuous deepening of research on tantalum materials in recent years, there have been a number of clinical trial results that have proved that the new dental implants made by combining medical tantalum and titanium metal make up for the biocompatibility, biological activity and bioactivity of other metal materials. There are deficiencies in implant-osseointegration.

Trabecular bone metal dental implants use titanium, which is currently highly recognized in the industry, and combine it with tantalum coating in a breakthrough way, thus changing the previous products' poor biocompatibility, low bioactivity, and osteoconductivity. The inferior aspects provide a more ideal choice than other products for the clinical application of new artificial implants. Tantalum coating can meet the three elements of an ideal bone graft material, namely, bone conduction, osteoinduction and osteogenesis, making it more and more widely used in clinical implantation.