Nickel Foil USES

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Nickel Foil USES

Apr 20, 2020

Nickel foil can be used for drainage pipes that utilize gravity flow with a gradient of not less than five thousandths. Steam or other water-bearing gas pipeline at the point of the drainage pipe or steam trap, some gas pipeline is also equipped with a gas-water separator, in order to drain the water in time, to prevent the water inside the pipe and hinder the flow of gas. The water supply or other liquid pipe is provided with an exhaust device at the point to remove the air or other gases accumulated in the pipe, so as to prevent abnormal operation caused by air resistance.

nickel foil

Identify paint when a wide variety of pipelines, in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the pipeline surface with a specified color of paint, in order to identify. For example, steam pipes are red, compressed air pipes are light blue, etc. Security issues to ensure safe operation of the pipeline and accidents in a timely manner to prevent accident expanding, in addition to furnish detection control instrument and relief valve in the line, for some important pipeline also take special security measures, such as in gas pipeline and long distance transportation of oil and gas pressure relief valve installed in the pipeline accident or emergency block valve. Nickel foil can help them in the event of a catastrophic accident can automatically and timely stop the transmission in order to reduce disaster losses.