Nickel Market Conditions Today

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Nickel Market Conditions Today

Jun 14, 2019

    In the morning, Russian nickel is 50 yuan/ton to Wushui than Wuxi 1906. Recently, the domestic import profit continued to expand, basically to the profit of 2,500 yuan / ton, the traders feedback that the goods came in later, and now want to actively ship, but due to the near delivery, the basic minimum posted water 50 yuan / ton, or directly take it directly Delivery.

     During the early trading hours, the disk price basically fluctuated below 100,000 yuan/ton. Jinchuan nickel was generally reported to have a premium of 800 yuan/ton compared with the Wuxi 1906 contract. The trading volume was still relatively light. After 10:30, the disk price continued to rise to 101,000 yuan. Near the ton, Jinchuan ex-factory price reported 101,000 yuan / ton, up 1700 yuan / ton from yesterday, but basically there is no price, the mainstream turnover in 100000-100900 yuan / ton.