Nickel Price Forecast This Week

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Nickel Price Forecast This Week

May 28, 2019

Last Friday, the dollar fell against a basket of major currencies on a two-year high on Friday, as further declines in US durable goods orders further proved that manufacturing and the overall economy are slowing, in part because of Sino-US trade disputes.The internal and external markets rose overall, with nickel rising 4.12% and Shanghai nickel also leading 3.2%. 

        Yesterday, the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size were announced. Yesterday, LME was closed, and Shanghai nickel was oscillating in the range of 99,500-10,1500 yuan/ton. The spot price was 99,500-103,000 yuan/ton. Last Friday, Shanghai Nickel 1907 opened at 99,400 yuan / ton, low open and high, once touched 101,200 yuan / ton, the power is under pressure, closed at 100,730 yuan / ton, the volume of 642,000 hands, the amount of positions decreased by 15,000 hands to 26.1 Thousand hands.