The First High Purity Tungsten Crucible Prepared By Chemical Vapor Deposition...

2024-01-05 18:05:21

The First High Purity Tungsten Crucible Prepared By Chemical Vapor Deposition In China!

Nov 08, 2019

Recently, the pilot production line of "tungsten products prepared by chemical vapor deposition" jointly developed by 718 institute and Beijing institute of technology has been successfully debugged, and the high-purity tungsten crucible sample has been trial-produced by chemical vapor deposition for the first time in China.

tungsten crucible of China

This project is the first start-up project of "institute 718 • Beijing institute of technology vapor deposition special materials research and development center". The special gas engineering department completed the production process design and the construction of pilot production line for nearly one year. The successful debugging of this project is another achievement of school-enterprise cooperation carried out by the institute on July 18.

The successful commissioning marks that the whole research team has made an important breakthrough in the industrialization and key technology research and development of refractory metal materials prepared by chemical vapor deposition, laying a solid foundation for the formal operation of the production line. It is of great significance to the formation of a series of high-purity tungsten products such as tungsten crucible, tungsten plate and high-purity semiconductor ion implantation components, to explore the market of refractory precious metal materials, and to broaden the development direction of the 718 special materials industry.