Why Use Molybdenum Wire As Wire Cutting Electrode Wire?

2024-01-05 18:05:21

Why Use Molybdenum Wire As Wire Cutting Electrode Wire?

Dec 24, 2019

As we all know, our wire cutting industry usually uses molybdenum wire as the discharge electrode wire. So why use molybdenum wire as the wire cutting electrode wire? Let's talk a little today.

We often say that wire-cut molybdenum wire is produced by a rare metal element, molybdenum cold-drawing. Molybdenum is widely used not only in industry, but also in many other industries due to the characteristics of molybdenum. used. Let's briefly introduce the reason for using molybdenum wire as the electrode wire.

In electromachining and cutting, high-temperature-resistant wire is required to melt and cut the product through high-temperature discharge. Molybdenum metal has a high melting point, high temperature ablation resistance, and tensile resistance, and can withstand the electrical discharge environment. Therefore, molybdenum wire is widely used as a wire cutting electrode wire.

In addition, the molybdenum wire used as the wire cutting electrode wire is another reason for its price. Molybdenum wire is much more affordable than silver wire and copper wire. Regardless of the metal element molybdenum as the electrode wire molybdenum wire, compared with the metal element silver or copper in terms of tensile strength and high temperature resistance, In terms of ductility, after many years of process experience, wire-cut molybdenum wire has been improved a lot, and its ductility has been reduced a lot.