gr2 titanium nails

gr2 titanium nails

Brand Name:RMD
Model Number:RMD-titanium-Nail
Specification:according to customer's requirement
Product name: titanium Nail
Material: Gr1,Gr5,Gr9
Color:sliver/Titanium nature colour
Surface:bright finish
Lead time :About 25 days
Advantage:Low-density,High temperature,High thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015

Product Overview

GR2 Titanium Nails, manufactured by RMD, stand as a pinnacle of quality and reliability in the realm of titanium-based solutions. Designed meticulously to meet the diverse needs of professional buyers and global dealers, our titanium nails offer unmatched durability, performance, and versatility. With a commitment to excellence and precision engineering, RMD ensures that each nail surpasses industry standards, promising a seamless experience for every user.

Product Characteristics

Physical attributes: Excellent solidarity to-weight proportion, consumption opposition, and high liquefying point.

Substance Properties: Pure and safe because it does not react with most chemicals.

Mechanical Properties: Superior toughness and fatigue resistance, guaranteeing long-term usability.

Other Characteristics: Lightweight, biocompatible, and aesthetically appealing.

Product Specifications

Size (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
14 1.6 16 5
16 1.8 18 6
18 2.0 20 7

Application Fields

Renowned for its versatility, our titanium welding wire is the ideal choice for an extensive array of applications across diverse industries. From basic clinical gadgets to accuracy aviation parts, elite execution auto parts, many-sided gems making, and culinary expressions, the versatility of our titanium welding wire exceeds all rational limitations. Its outstanding strength, erosion obstruction, and biocompatibility make it crucial in the clinical field, while its lightweight yet vigorous properties take care of the demanding requests of aviation and auto designing. It is also ideal for jewelry making and food safety in culinary applications due to its inert nature and lack of reactivity. Our titanium welding wire's unparalleled value and usefulness in a variety of industries are demonstrated by the extensive list of applications.

Quality Control

At our GMP-certified factory, every GR2 Titanium Nail undergoes meticulous quality control procedures to uphold flawless performance and unwavering reliability. We are obligated to strictly adhere to international standards, which ensures that each nail meets the highest quality and consistency standards. We ensure that each GR2 Titanium Nail meets the stringent requirements of our customers by carrying out extensive testing and investigation procedures. We build up our standing as a reliable provider of premium-grade titanium nails for many applications by putting a high need on accuracy and greatness in assembling. This imparts trust in the steadfastness of our items.

Packaging and Transportation

With an unfaltering spotlight on quality and natural obligation, our gr2 titanium nails are bundled with extreme attention to detail to endure the afflictions of transportation, guaranteeing their flawless condition upon landing in worldwide objections. Accentuating natural manageability, we focus on the utilization of recyclable bundling materials while attainable, lining up with our obligation to diminishing environmental effect. We want to cut down on waste while maintaining the integrity of our products during shipping by using eco-friendly packaging options. Our commitment to not only providing superior titanium nails but also contributing to a greener, more responsible supply chain that appeals to environmentally conscious customers worldwide is reflected in this sustainable strategy.

Relevant Certifications and Standards

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the fact that our products consistently meet or surpass industry benchmarks, holding prestigious certifications such as ASTM and ISO. Our adherence to the highest quality and safety standards is confirmed by these certifications, which guarantee full compliance with stringent global regulatory requirements. We ensure that our clients receive products of exceptional quality and dependability by going above and beyond industry standards. This instills confidence in the performance and durability of our offerings. This commitment to maintaining thorough guidelines highlights our vow to convey top-level arrangements that meet as well as surpass the assumptions for knowing clients around the world.

Customized Services

We offer tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements, including custom sizes, designs, and finishes.


Q: Are the products suitable for dabbing?

A: Yes, our titanium nails are perfect for dabbing due to their high heat resistance and inert nature.

Q: Can I request a custom size or design?

A: Absolutely! We provide customized services to meet your unique specifications.

RMD Highlights

RMD stands as a leading supplier of GR2 Titanium Nails, boasting a GMP-certified factory, extensive inventory, and complete certifications. Backed by a professional after-sales team, we offer one-stop service, including OEM support and fast delivery. For inquiries or orders, contact us at Choose RMD for unparalleled quality and reliability in titanium solutions.